Food Recovery

PROREC specializes in recovery and recycling output gap from bakeries, chocolate and candy makers, dairy farmers and processors, and also recovering used vegetable oil. Even once deemed no longer sellable, most food still retains its nutritional value. Rather than go to waste, this food is repurposed and converted into nutritional animal feed byproducts.

Animal Feed

PROREC Inc. is a leading company in the East of Canada for marketing byproducts from the food industry. Supplier of co-products and byproducts of grain for animal feed, our ingredients contribute to reduce the cost of your rations at equal performance.


Prorec wants to help you become a company recognized for its social responsibility


  • Range of nutritional animal feed byproducts.
  • Nutrition policy and standards.
  • Product quality control and traceability.
  • Physicochemical and microbiological testing of products at our laboratory.
  • Major community and network of millers and farmers.
  • CFIA-licensed products.
  • Product quality guarantee.

Our Team

At PROREC, our team is professional, qualified, competent and passionate about sustainable development! Always looking for innovative ideas to improve efficiency in managing output gap and animal feed. Our engineers created for your benefit and innovative recovery solutions. They install security equipment in your company, train your employees, produce quantitative and qualitative reports on recovery output gap management.

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